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2012 - DL Lap Steel — DL Lap Steel


hey all and happy new year. 2011 was a great year. we did 8 music festivals and 1 craft show. learned alot. I know now what works and what does not. Roosevelt got a new DL 8 string with a new cradle. That guitar is just amazing! You can catch him on youtube. We started makeing 12 strings and they sound great. We also started doing Baritone lap steels as well. That’s my fav. The tone from the baritone is deep and rich, i love it. Hopefully we won’t have to do as many music festivals this year. The overhead for those shows are just too high. I do want to do FolkLife in Seattle. That show is huge and will be a lot of fun. I also want to ferther develop the electric steel this year. i want to do better work and get the design down. Then i can make up all the templates needed to create better guitars. well thats that, hope this finds you all well. Check out or friend Roosevelt Collier on his new 8 string DL Steel. This baby has 2 Seymour Duncan Blackout pickups with a 3 way switch, sounds great Velt!

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