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The Winthrip Blues Festival, The Lee Boys and Zac..... - DL Lap Steel — DL Lap Steel

The Winthrip Blues Festival, The Lee Boys and Zac…..

The Winthrip Blues Fest was worth the drive. Many great bands were there, most noticeably was Michael Burke and The Lee Boys.Michael is a force to be reckoned with. A great blues man in the vain of Buddy Guy and all the statesmen in the upper northeast. I was blessed to see him, luck of the draw i guess.Then there was The Lee Boys out of FLA. I got to spend a lot of time with them at Winthrip and on the Tues. before the Festival in Bellingham.I made this 2700 mile turnaround to Winthrip for 1 reason, to visit my son Zac. He lives in Bellingham, Wa. The Blues Festival gave me an opportunity to sell enough guitars to pay for the gas to get up there. I knew that The Lee Boys were going to be playing in Bellingham on Tues. so Zac and myself went out and caught their show that night. Of course they blew the roof off the joint.I also made a guitar for Alvin Lee and was able to give it to him that night in Bellingham (save a ton on postage). Alvin, Velt and the whole band got to meet my son and they all became fast friends, thanx fellas for the love.The highlight of that night was when they played the new steel on stage, the 1st time that guitar was played. On 1 song they took turns playing the steel, during the song! I got video of that and it is on my youtube channel, DUVA7000, you gota check it out. The Festival was good, everybody was blown away by my Steels. Sold enough to pay my way and that’s all i wanted. Seeing Zac was great and long overdue. I got to spend his 26th birthday with him and hang out, play with his cat and watch stupid videos, it was awsome. So that’s that, my next gig is Bluesapalooza in Mammoth, Ca. I will not only have my steels, the baritone, 12 strings and 6 strings but i am now offering the Rocky Mountain Slides at my tent. I’m stoked to be partnering with Doc at RMS. See you on the road. Here’s a shot of Zac & Velt, my two sons.

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