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TESTIMONIALS - DL Lap Steel — DL Lap Steel


The Dr.
Roosevelt Collier of The Lee Boys; “Nobody could have a steel as sweet as mine, the steel is off the glass”  ”Be sure to tell Seymour Duncan that these pickups are amazing, steel was scream’n last night, beautiful steel!!”



10565199_10204104574889053_4142600826968501448_nColin John on his Baritone;   ” I’ve got a Nat Res baritone Tricone and a Celtic Cross Weiss and although they are without question, great instruments, neither comes close to capturing the sonic boom and clarity of the DL”


  Ed Williams of the Revivalists 
“My New Lap Steel from DL Lap Steel Guitar . This thing is a tone beast, and I get to stand up and walk around!!”



Pura Fe of the Pure Fe Trio on her new 12 string
“I finally got mine last weekend. And I tried it out. It sounds so beautiful. I like to play through bass amps, it’s wonderful.”  Dan?? I want to tell you that your guitars on this trip were incredibly everything I have wanted. they sound amazing…there is no dysfunctional anything!! It was great!!! Cary and Pete and my soundman all complimented my playing and the guitars!!! they sound so great…and they are easy to play!!! Thankyou so much. and I am definitely going to help you push these guitars. People like the way they look too!!




  David Bailis of The Pimps of Joytime

“….I’m torn cuz those 12’s sounded so great, I want to get both. Sounds great man, very stoked about it.” “ In texas now.. I was in the studio about a month ago in brooklyn playin the Lap through a ’59 Gibson 20T and an Echoplex. What a sound!!



   Phil Braga

Think about a big sound , a cool and modern desing with  high quality hardware.mix everything into wood > DL Lapsteels



AG Weinberger; Hey Dan, All is right an smooth… Got these beauties today… Thanks… My first gig with the acoustic is on Saturday … Those bars are excellent… Hey Dan, thanks for the words, man… Yes, I’m using the RMS bar… The 8 string is another amazing beast 🙂 I only played it a couple of times at home on a little practice amp… I love it… and love the space between the knobs :)I tuned it in C6… I’ll be using it on my next gig, after I’ll get back from Berlin.Keep in touch, best thoughts,AG

 Adam, Baritone player from the East Coast;     ” … forgot to mention how happy I was to hear about your great customer service from my mom.  She couldn’t believe how kind you were, and that you kept her posted throughout the process.  That meant a lot to her, AND to me.  When someone like you makes an instrument, your “mojo” gets transferred.  To me, it makes for a much more special instrument.  You are the real deal, Dan.  Thank you”


Manny Gauci-Seddon of Mannys Musical Instruments & Pro Audio

“I played the Baritone most nights this week and getting to know it – the pickup is fantastic, straight into a tube amp and it sounds killer, no piezo quack and lots of output. The 6 string is being received well although I do rave on about the Baritone more!! Thanx Dan”